Biotempus Limited is developing and commercializing technologies for monitoring and leveraging immune system responses against disease.

Biotempus’s strength is our discovery and unique understanding of using the immune cycle to forecast greatly optimized treatment windows.

Biotempus is unlocking the unmatched potential for timed immunotherapeutics to combat disease. We have developed a deep insight into how drug efficacy can be increased and toxicity reduced by synchronizing treatments in accordance with cycles within the patient’s immune system.

We believe our collaborations with scientific and clinical research partners will transform complete response rates in cancer, chronic infection and a range of autoimmune and degenerative diseases. We are actively engaging with clinicians and pharmaceutical scientists to revolutionize immunological treatments.

Our proprietary approach applies equally to traditional agents such as chemotherapy as well as the old and newly emerging range of immune modulating agents and vaccines.

Cancer immunotherapy is predicted to be the backbone of cancer treatments over the next decade. Today cancer immunotherapy has captured nearly 50% of the overall oncology drug market, generating about $41 billion in 2014 alone.